The Redneck Barge Eating area

The Redneck Barge Eating area

On the off chance that single word depicts us rednecks, it’s inventive. On the off chance that one of our most loved distractions impedes the other, we essentially figure out how to consolidate our two adores. So when we’re prepared to discard the family get-together down at the lake for a little fishin’, yet we haven’t exactly yet completed the process of eating, what do we do? Straightforward: Take the table with us.

Just by joining two or three barges and a trolling engine, these fellas took their open air table and made it stable — or possibly lakeworthy.

Take a full dinner with you — seared chicken, pureed potatoes, bread rolls and Mother’s popular cherry pie — while you cast a line without clearing a little room in your bass watercraft’s live well.

Best of all, if that engine should come up short on juice, simply utilize the umbrella as a sail and catch a whirlwind back to shore. This needs is a few wheels to make it a definitive redneck land and/or water capable vehicle.

… Say, a light simply turned on.

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